We have two principal seasons in Madagascar : the dry season and the wet season or rainy season.

The dry season begins in May and ends in October, the weather is usually fine; it rains very little except on the East Coast where it rains almost all long the year.

Sometimes, it is cold at night especially on highlands. People grow very few plants during that period of the year

During, the rainy season, it usually rains cats and dogs. The weather is hot then; It’s the season to grow all sorts of plants in the fields. Every things getting nicely green: the rice fields, the grass, the leaves of trees. People are very busy in their fields during that season.

From time to time, the wind blows strongly, and takes off the lives from the trees or the roofs from the houses.

Sometimes there are natural disasters as cyclones. Sometimes also, in cloudy sky, there are lightnings following of thunder. Heavy rains are following of hails on highlands