Circumcision in Madagascar

Madagascar practised circumcision like all over the country. If one boy is not circumcised, he will not a true man. This custom usually take place from June to September. It’s a family celebration. In some region in Madagascar like in the south, it’s a communal, festivity every seven year it is called “SAMBATRA”

Generally Malagasy people celebrate the happening by inviting relatives, friends and neighbours. They sacrifice oxen, ducks or chickens. There’s a lot of eating and drinking; they sing and dance.

After the operation, the guest offer toys or money to the boy who may be very young

5 Réponses to “Circomcision in Madagascar”

  1. sipagasy Says:

    tsara ny hevitra rehetra fa tohizo hatrany e!

    good luck

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Rondro: I love to see you writing in English. Keep going!

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