Exhumation in Madagascar

Have you ever heard about our tradition called « FAMADIHANA »

Malagasy people believe that soul survives the mortal body. The departed is still sensible of comfort. That why his relatives provide him a resting place, not a temporary grave. There are many reasons that Malagasy people must practised “Exhumation” Most of people must transfer the body to the family vault. Before placing the body in the tomb; they must wrap it in a new silk covering sheet called :”LAMBA MENA”

When the body is a permanent in the tomb; it’s wrapped a new “LAMBA MENA”

Malagasy people can have a ceremony of FAMADIHANA just for supplementing silk covering sheets. It’s rejoicing events because our duty to our beloved departed is done .During the celebration, all people dance, sing they eat and drinking

That’s all is a tradition that the Malagasy people practised especially the people who live in highlands of Madagascar

So during the festivity; all people ask benediction in their ancestor and they want to improve their life

3 Réponses to “Exhumation in Madagascar”

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  2. chloerochereuil Says:


    Je collecte actuellement des informations dans le cadre d’un reportage sur le thème de la Famadihana à Madagascar. Je recherche des intervenants locaux qui pourraient nous faire découvrir ces traditions.
    Savez-vous à qui je peux m’adresser ? En particulier connaissez vous un « mpanandro »?

    Merci à vous,


    Chloé Rochereuil

  3. […] stay in Antsirabe and its surrounds between August to September , you may get the chance to attend “the exhumation ceremony”. It is a big ceremony that one big family performs in every 3 , 5 or 7 years. It consists to rewrap […]

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